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I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE shooting boudoirs! I feel like I shoot such clean, naturally beautiful photos. Bringing out women’s inner beauty and matching it with their outer and to hear them get excited about their photos makes my heart so happy! Bridals makes me super excited! Veils, heels, garters!! If you are interested in booking  the sooner the better but its best to do them at least 2 months before the big day!Amie Pendle Photography_0251Amie Pendle Photography_0255Amie Pendle Photography_0269


Amie Pendle Photography_0265Amie Pendle Photography_0266Amie Pendle Photography_0267

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Paula Lautenberger - Amie! I love your work! My name is Paula Lautenberger, my wedding date is May 10th about a month away. I don’t know if there is enough time to book a shoot but I was originally going to try to shoot my own photos with a timer to save money but Its not working out!! :( I would love to give him a book of boudoir photos on our wedding day. Let me know if it’s possible to still book a session in time. Thanks

Boudoir | Southern Utah Boudoir Photographer

Or as I like to call them, Booty-wahs. Lol. These ladies all gave me permission to post these selected images, Note: If you book with me I NEVER post boudoir photos without first asking permission! I know how nerve racking a session like this can be on a woman, but I take very great pride in knowing that every lady that has every walked out of my studio, leaves with a glow. People often tell me that they are going to book a session when they are more confident. When they’ve lose 5 more ponds. That’s not the time to come see me, come see me when you NEED confidence. Everyone walks away feeling gorgeous and empowered. I have some amazing Hair and Make-up artist for friends that seriously can turn anyone into a bombshell! boudoir Sessions are $185, that includes hair and make up along with use of my private studio space!Amie Pendle Photography_0125Amie Pendle Photography_0127Amie Pendle Photography_0128Amie Pendle Photography_0130Amie Pendle Photography_0131Amie Pendle Photography_0133Amie Pendle Photography_0134Amie Pendle Photography_0135Amie Pendle Photography_0136Amie Pendle Photography_0137Amie Pendle Photography_0138Amie Pendle Photography_0139Amie Pendle Photography_0140Amie Pendle Photography_0141Amie Pendle Photography_0142

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Sneak Peek at Lauren James Bridal Shoot | Southern Utah Photographer

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